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The leader in Affordable,
Modular Steel homes.

Because of our central location in Texas, we manufacture and ship finished homes, offices, portable classrooms and shelter units anywhere in North America. Imagine your new, modern home constructed of steel. Built to withstand the forces of nature, our homes are both modern, and affordable.

The most affordable, resilient solution on the market today.

  • No oversized load permits required
  • Withstands Hurricanes & Tornadoes
  • We Ship Anywhere In The U.S.A
  • Easy to heat and cool making it truly energy efficient.
  • Easy to set up on your site of choice.
  • Durable steel construction lasts a lifetime
  • Excellent fire resistance
  • Lower insurance costs due to rugged steel construction
  • Solar options available to further lower operating costs
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Inside Our Container Homes

Econo Cribs, LLC are a resourceful group of people converting shipping containers to homes, rental units, shelters, cabins, offices, school buildings and portable classrooms making beautiful living and working areas. These have been at the margin of society for years, architects and green designers are also increasingly turning to the strong, cheap shipping containers as source building blocks. Shipping containers can be readily modified with a range of comforts, and can be connected and stacked to create modular, efficient spaces for a fraction of the cost, labor and resources of more conventional building materials currently on the market.

Ecologically Conscious

Approximately 30 million steel shipping containers are in existence, filled and floating, or standing about empty in a port. The steel shipping container has been the globally standardized transportation module since 1956. Costs of shipping empty containers back to their origin are high, so often times the containers sit unused in ports.

If you are seeking strong, quality modular steel container homes for your business or home, Econo Cribs, LLC provides the best options available. Call us today for a free quote, and see why Econo Cribs is changing the way America looks at portable housing solutions. Learn about the container home sector and what this real estate trend has to offer. Let us build you one for your own lot or on ours. When your safety and peace of mind matters most!

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Offices for professionals that are going places.

We offer many models of modular Homes, Professional Offices, retail spaces, and Storm Shelters to choose from, and can customize any building to suit your specific needs.

Econcribs, LLC 2 bedroom 2 bath, 3 bedroom 2 bath and Duplex unit floor plans all offer the comforts of home. These modular homes are the latest craze in affordable living. Consumers are seeking affordability, and a home that offers safety and security in a smaller space. If you desire a different custom floor plan please let us know, and we will help you design it.


  • Affordable Quality Housing
  • Withstands Hurricanes & Tornadoes
  • Shipping To Anywhere In The U.S.A

Industrial Grade Storage

Our modular storage buildings are constructed from containers tough enough to cross an ocean. Able to withstand the most adverse weather and handling conditions imaginable, they provide the water tight, long term storage solution you need, at a cost you will love.

The Advantages are clear:

  • Modular design allows ease of transportation and setup.
  • Modular storage buildings are not considered taxable structures.
  • Deliverable anywhere in the Continuous United States
  • Unbeatable price per Sq.Ft.

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Experience Matters.

Econo Cribs, LLC has been providing professional, quality modular home construction and renovation services for over 10 years. We specialize in creating modern, affordable modular homes. Compared to a conventional mobile home, we feel that our modular buildings are a stronger, higher quality option that is also more economical, both in initial purchase price and long term cost of ownership.

Fully Licensed & Insured

Econo Cribs, LLC provides a safe and convenient answer to your housing needs. If you’re in the market for quality affordable housing anywhere in North America then expand your horizons by learning more about the housing alternatives provided by Econo Cribs, LLC.

For more information about our services, or to schedule a free consultation and obtain a price quote, please call us today. We ship anywhere in North America, making it easier than ever to set up your new space in no time!

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Ecologically Sound

A regular forty-foot container has about 4,000 kg (8,818 lb) of steel, which takes 8,000 kWh (28,800 MJ) of energy to melt down. Repurposing used shipping containers is increasingly a practical solution to both social and ecological problems.

Wikipedia article

Shelter in place

“People want and desire a home that is safe and secure when mother nature acts up. Our hurricane and earthquake proof container homes can withstand 100 MPH winds on a foundation or 175 MPH winds when anchored with pylons, and have proven to be extremely solid in tornadoes or hurricanes.

James Davis

Professional Commentary

The world is waking up to the new ISBU container homes trend, They are no longer being used because they are cheap or plentiful, or even recyclable. They are now being used as living quarters or homes. People realize these containers are the strongest, most flexible construction module in the world.

John Sanders,
General Manager of the ISBU Association International.

Customer Testimonial

I love my container home, it is wonderfully efficent, was move in ready within a week, and most importantly, fit my budget. Thanks to econocribs, i won’t be slave to a mortgage for 15 years.

Satisfied Customer