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"The world is waking up to the new ISBU container homes trend", says John Sanders, General Manager of the ISBU Association International. "They are no longer being used because they are cheap or plentiful, or even recyclable. They are now being used as living quarters or homes. People realize these containers are the strongest, most flexible construction module in the world". 

Econo Cribs, LLC building beautiful new container modular homes of the future.



 Affordable Quality Housing

 Withstands Hurricanes & Tornadoes

 Shipping To Anywhere In The U.S.A


Welcome to Econo Cribs, LLC where we specialize in taking Steel Cargo Shipping Containers and transform these solid steel structures into beautiful,  safe and secure energy efficient Permanent or Rental Modular Container Homes. 

Econo Cribs, LLC has developed a reputation as the go-to-company for honest and affordable Modular Container Home Sales and Services throughout North America.

Econo Cribs, LLC  is a licensed manufacturer and builder of:

Modular Container Homes, Container Permanent Homes, Cargo Container Homes, Shipping Container Homes, Centers for Emergency Operations

Steel Container Homes, Modular Remote Living Quarters, Storm Shelters, Professional Offices, Hunting Clubs, School Buildings, Portable Classrooms for Public Schools, Temporary Living Quarters for Employees

Investment Property, Property Investors, Rental Investors, Econo Cribs, LLC Investors invest in a fast growing container company.

Options are available to build anything else that we have not thought of building with these units. The possibilities are limitless.

Econo Cribs, LLC quality built structures withstand up to 100 MPH winds on a foundation or 175 MPH winds when properly anchored with pylons and are extremely solid in battling Tornadoe or Hurricane  force wind. These are also Earthquake proof homes.

When you are in the market for the most affordable, state-of-the-art modular container homes in the Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas or anywhere in the North America (United States) look no further ! 

ISBUs, or Intermodal Steel Building Units  are now being used as safe living and working quarters  throughout the world not just because they are cheap or even recyclable. They are the most flexible, durable and strongest construction module in the world.

If your home or business relies on the use of strong, quality modular steel container homes that are easy and affordable, let Econo Cribs, LLC provide you with the very best. Call us today for a free price quote, and see why our group is changing the way America looks at affordable and durable housing solutions.

Let us build you one on your own lot or on ours. When your  safety and peace of mind matters most !

James Davis / Econo Cribs, LLC



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